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This new tool tracks the market uptake of nearly zero-energy buildings (nZEBs) in Europe. It is a Wiki-tool to dynamically assess and visualise defined criteria of the national nZEB markets and to aggregate the results on national and EU level. The tracker allows to monitor the development per criterion and country over time and to compare the participating 18 countries.


The EU Member States appear to have different characteristics regarding the status of national nZEB market development. The different tracking criteria are present in various constellations and thus, a sound and consistent evaluation tool is necessary to aggregate these results and present them in a clear way.


The new tool is mainly filled with results derived from the ZEBRA2020 project, in part by national experts, and summarising some of the information from the ZEBRA2020 data tool as well as other data derived from the project´s nZEB-tracking graphs.  Even if the nZEB potential is not fully exploited yet, the nZEB tracker scores clearly indicate a growing maturity of the European nZEB market.


The nZEB-tracker is, in the end, an evaluation tool that can present the results at the following different levels:

    Evaluation of each criterion per Member State
    Overall evaluation of the market maturity towards nZEB per country
    Weighted EU results per criterion and entire EU nZEB market maturity


According to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), by 2021, all new buildings in the European Union have to be constructed as so-called nearly zero-energy buildings. The 

The ZEBRA2020 project monitors the market transition to nZEBs across Europe to support policy makers and the building industry in their strategy decisions on accelerating the market uptake of nZEBs.









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