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Open BIM RenoZEB - Focchi Facades

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"Open BIM RenoZEB - Focchi Facades" is a free BIM software tool that has been developed as part of the RenoZEB research project: "Accelerating energy Renovation solutions for Zero Energy Buildings and Neighborhoods" which is part of the strategic program of the European Union Horizon 2020.


The main objective of RenoZEB is to overcome the barriers of deep renovation and to promote innovative solutions with a high replicability potential at European scale, among those barriers to overcome, the inefficiency of the process itself is one of the most crucial and is tackle through the use of Open BIM technology, fostering the digitalization of the renovation value chain in line with leading technological trends.


Barriers are overcome in RenoZEB project following parallel paths and providing in one hand  a “plug and play” façade system for deep retrofitting and in the other a BIM ecosystem composed by a cloud platform and BIM decision-making software tools for modeling and energy calculations.


Open BIM RenoZEB - Focchi Facades has been developed as a free computer tool that connects the materiality of Fochhi “plug and play” system with the virtuality of a BIM ecosystem allowing to place and display Focchi Façade system in BIM models. The objective of the program is to obtain a list with the account and the size of each panel and to obtain a cost estimation of the installation which will allow the company Focchi to manufacture the necessary panels and the clients to imagine how this system is going to look like in their building and how much is going to cost. Facades panels are drawn in 3D and are part of the BIM model of the project.


This tool helps the users to have a very quick initial cost/performance estimation for the renovation of buildings based in constructive provisions, technical characteristics and qualities of the project. The results of the program are exportable to any programs of measurements and budgets with the integration of the program in the Open BIM workflow. Main features of the program are:

  • To place “plug and play” Focchi panels in a BIM model, drawn it in 3D and exchange information with CYPETHERM suite to be able to perform an energy analysis;
  • To obtain a list with the account and the specific size and cost of each panel that is needed in the facade, which will allow the company Focchi to manufacture the necessary panels in the correct size.
  • To create a marketing and dissemination tool that will allow RenoZEB to promote its “plug and play” solution.

Open BIM RenoZEB - Focchi Facades has the 8 types of panels or units described in the development of the research project: Opaque, technical, solar collector, photovoltaic panel, fixed windows, individual vents window, double vents window, door. Following data can be found inside the panel description: Width, height, embedded elements of each panel (size of windows, doors, solar collector and photovoltaic panels), panel finishing (cement plates, porcelain tiles, wood).


As it is said before the program is integrated in the Open BIM workflow based on a process of exchanging information through open and public files managed in real time by a cloud platform. Thanks to the use of standard files and through a cloud update service, information flows constantly between the different applications and members of the work team. As an example the software Open BIM RenoZEB - Focchi Facades exchanges information with CYPETherm suite of tools for energy calculation allowing the users to not only place “the panels” in the model (which is beautiful but not practical) but to actually exchange necessary information with other software for calculation.

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