OPTIMUS e-SCEAF (Smart City Energy Assessment Framework)

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e-SCEAF (Smart City Energy Assessment Framework) Tool provides City Authorities with an effective framework for assessing the performance of a City in terms of energy optimisation, CO2 emissions reduction and energy cost minimisation. Using appropriate indicators, the progress of a city in that direction can be revealed by analysing and evaluating its ex-ante and ex-post status across three axes: ‘Political Field of Action’, ‘Energy and Environmental Profile’ and ‘Related Infrastructures and Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Although the framework is designed for the evaluation of the city as a whole, it can be also customised per sector, such as municipal buildings, providing more focused information. The tool was developed in the framework of the OPTIMUS smart city project.


For further information please visit: http://sceaf.optimus-smartcity.eu/

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