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Renoveren A+ : a tool for advice on large scale building renovation

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<p>To enable large-scale implementation of deep renovation the tool &quot;Renoveren A+&quot; has been developed for assistance with the selection of the necessary measures. It gives information about the financial aspects, energy savings, and effects on operational management. This free tool is aimed at establishing the fact that improvement can be reached with the energy label and also gives insight on how to convince tenants to cooperate.</p>

"Renoveren A+" is a free tool to assist in the selection of necessary measures to accomplish deep renovation. The tool supplies information towards a solution strategy for a given energy ambition, whereby the starting point is the reduction of the energy demand. Results are given for annual energy values, but there are also possibilities for finance and particular interest towards building physics, building construction and installation. When the user of the tool chooses other options, different results will be given. For instance, if a roof is not insulated, effects on the Energy label are shown.

The tool can be accessed here.

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