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RenoZEB Collaborative platform

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The RenoZEB Platform is a web-based environment where different actors and software tools can work together managing a renovation project, sharing the data and the BIM models, centralizing the files, assigning tasks. Moreover, it allows for setting targets and KPI objectives, managing renovation alternatives and automatically connecting to external tools for importing indicators and results which cannot be directly calculated by the platform.


The collaboration platform supports the whole life cycle of a building renovation process (model generation, engineering tools, configuration of design alternatives, monitoring system, etc.). It works as a central data repository, where each stakeholder can access the required information at the right moment and collaborate with other stakeholders, overcoming the traditional fragmentation of construction industry.


Furthermore, it facilitates the decision making by providing a web based 3D BIM viewer linked to different data along the process and showing different project indicators. The information associated to the model includes several vertical domains (time, cost, energy…) and is workflow-aware. The web interface can be adapted to the role of each stakeholder and accessible from multiple devices (laptop, smartphone or tablet).


The platform is based on Open BIM standards and enables the interoperability of heterogeneous software tools. Thus, the central information repository will rely on the format “IFC”, the mainstream BIM standard, which is recognised internationally and will be maintain also in the next years, guaranteeing the usability of the files also for future activities.


On the website of the project RenoZEB is possible to test the platform and to see a demonstrative application of the main functionalities.