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Responsible Retrofit Guidance Wheel

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Responsible Retrofit Guidance Wheel

Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance / Responsible Retrofit Guidance Wheel

The Wheel has been developed by the Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance (STBA) carrying on from their report “The Responsible Retrofit of Traditional Buildings” which was published in September 2012. The Wheel is funded by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). This Report identified significant challenges in traditional building retrofit because of the uncertainty of existing data and research, the complexity of interactions, and possible conflicting priorities and values. The Wheel has been designed to address such issues by clearly identifying different benefits and concerns, by referencing the most relevant and accurate information, and by providing a systemic and holistic approach to retrofit design, application and use. The Wheel is both an aid to decision making and a way of learning about traditional building retrofit. It is linked to the STBA Knowledge Centre where further information, case studies and retrofit advice is available.

The Wheel and the accompanying Knowledge Centre will be updated on a regular basis as new research and evidence about traditional building retrofit becomes available. The intention and desire of the developers and funders is that the Wheel and Knowledge Centre continue to be developed in response to and through interaction with professional and public participation in traditional building retrofit, and in the learning that accompanies this. In this way the risks accompanying retrofit can be reduced, the positive opportunities increased, and society can benefit from joint endeavour and understanding.

The Wheel has been developed with funding and support from the Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC). The work has been undertaken by Isabel Carmona, Peter Cook, Adrian Leaman, Neil May, Tom Randall and Caroline Rye under the direction of the STBA project steering group formed by Roger Curtis (Historic Scotland), Sam Allwinkle (CIAT and Napier University), Sofie Pelsmaker (UCL EI) and David Pickles (English Heritage). During the Wheel’s development the following expert group was consulted: Dr Caroline Rye (Walls), Prof Chris Sanders (Roofs), Sofie Pelsmaker (Floors), Dr Paul Baker (Windows and Doors), Diana Hubbard (Chimneys), Nicholas Heath (Heating and Renewables), Ian Mawditt (Ventilation) and Dr Victoria Haynes (People interaction).

The Wheel is free to use. Copyright of the Wheel is retained by DECC.

The copyright of any document referenced remains with its authors.

Contact: For further information please contact STBA: info@stbauk.org

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