Subsidy-tool for consumers and professionals: the Energiesubsidiewijzer

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SenterNovem developed a subsidy-tool for consumers and professionals, the Energiesubsidiewijzer. This internet tool gives an overview of financial instruments (such as subsidies, loans etc.) to stimulate energy saving measures in the Netherlands. The tool helps professional parties to communicate with consumers on the financial possibilities of energy saving measures. If consumers know all possible financial instruments this helps them in the decision of taken energy saving measures in their homes. The users of the tool can select their region, their place of residence or select a specific energy saving measure to get an overview of the financial instruments for their region and measure. The Energiesubsidiewijzer contains subsidies, loans and other financial instruments on a national, regional and local level from public authorities, banks and commercial companies. The content of the Energiesubsidiewijzer comes from the subsidy-issuers. You can find the tool on www.energiesubsidiewijzer.nl the information is available in Dutch only.