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Tas; building modeling and simulation tool

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Tas is an industry-leading building modeling and simulation tool. Capable of performing dynamic thermal simulation for the world’s largest and most complex buildings, Tas allows designers to accurately predict energy consumption, CO2 emissions, operating costs and occupant comfort.

Tas is a complete solution for the thermal simulation of a building and a comprehensive tool for modelling plant and systems using it’s graphical and component based analysis. Tas is a powerful design tool in the optimisation of a buildings environmental, energy and comfort performance. Tas can import gbXML, INP, and IDF files from 3rd party programs. There are also customisable report generation facilities.

The Tas suite allows full automation available through visual basic. This enables quick parametric simulations to be carried out and allows you to make any changes to the model, export, simulate or extract results from any application within the Tas suite.

Tas simulations are multicore enabled, allowing users to simulate multiple buildings at the same time such as your UK building regulations Actual, Notional, and Reference buildings or your Appendix G ASHRAE 90.1 Proposed and 4 Baseline buildings all at the same time.

The Tas suite also comes with a host of utilities for regulatory analysis (UK Building Regulations Studio, ASHRAE 90.1 Studio etc.). Along with the regulatory studios Tas includes utilities for natural ventilation turrets, sun pipes, phase change materials amongst others. HVAC manufacturer data is also available in Tas Systems.

The Tas Suite includes the following applications:

  • Tas 3D Modeller (Geometry creation. Daylighting solution available early 2013)
  • Tas Building Simulator (Building information modelling and simulation program)
  • Tas Results Viewer (Tabular, graphical and 3D results viewer)
  • Tas Systems (Plant and systems design and simulation program)
  • Tas Ambiens (2D CFD program).