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Tool Info Energia

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Info Energia is a service for all the customers of an energy supplying cooperatives or companies. It is a personalised energy awareness service. It provides information to consumers through two channels:


  • Monthly report with benchmarking against yourself and similar customers and has useful tips. Customers receive this report once a month as e-mail attached PDF.
  • Customer portal where the monthly reports and extended information is available (i.e. smart metering measurements).

Use smart meter data


Som Energia started with InforEnergia as an extra service for their members. Instead of just sending invoices, Som Energia also sends reports on the energy use of their customers. Those reports were enriched by the use of 15-minutes consumption data that allows the cooperative to explore load-shifting and tariff optimization for its consumers.


Dynamic Information


The Info Energia service is a team at the cooperative that is ready to provide answers and advices to consumers looking to save energy. They are producing 5 different reports in order to keep the consumers engaged. Reports are seasonal and include actionable tips.


Compare the comparable


In the reports customers are compared with similar household benchmarks and with previous periods. The goal of the reports is to give a clear and simple picture to the members, at to make their energy invoice simple.