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Waste heat recovery calculator

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Even though rejected heat from a number of industrial processes is called waste heat it often contains large amount of exergy and could be efficiently reused through one of the many waste heat recovery technologies. This simple web-calculator may be applied to analyse four most common waste heat recovery technologies from both technical and economic perspective. Any calculator user can use one’s own data on waste heat source, choses one’s own application of four considered technologies, checks its adequacy and predicts basic techno-economic parameters.


Media carrying the waste heat should be selected first. One can choose between exhaust gases and cooling water (liquid).


Exhaust gasses application:


  • Simple heat exchanger used within the heat supply system
  • Heat driven refrigerator used within chilly supply system
  • Organic Rankine Cycle for electricity production

Cooling water application:


  • Heat supply system using heat pump
  • Heat supply system using central heat exchanger

Access to the calculator here.