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EPB standards hourly vs monthly methods

Webinar 4 – EPB standards hourly vs monthly methods (12h00 – 13h30 – 26th May 2020) Following the successful previous webinars:   “Guidance and examples for the EPB standards’ flexibility”, “EPB standards overview: why, how, what!”, “How...
BUILD UP webinar series: Energy Performance of Buildings standards (EN/ISO) supporting the implementation of EPBD This webinar took place on the 26th May, 12.00 to 13.30.  Watch it now.

Deep renovation joint webinar

Buildings account for around 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the European Union.   Do you know that the annual rate of home and commercial building renovation is well under the 3% required to achieve European climate...
This webinar took place on the 19th of May, from 11.00 to 12.30.  Watch it now.

RenoZEB Collaborative platform

The RenoZEB Platform is a web-based environment where different actors and software tools can work together managing a renovation project, sharing the data and the BIM models, centralizing the files, assigning tasks. Moreover, it allows...

Climate Change Simulator ‘En-ROADS’

The En-ROADS Climate Solutions Simulator is a climate simulation tool for understanding and learn on how to achieve climate goals through changes in energy, land use, consumption, agriculture, and other policies. The simulator focuses on...

Showcasing CEN-CE scheme

Upskilling building sector professionals, the linchpin for an effective renovation wave (EU Green Deal): showcasing CEN-CE scheme The EU-funded CEN-CE project has set up standard-based qualification and training schemes in energy efficient...
This webinar took place on the 5th of May, from 12.00 to 13.30.  Watch it here.

BuildHeat tool: Educational Kit

The EU H2020 funded project BuildHEAT, aims to drive change in the construction sector, bring information and coherence onto the market, facilitating the decision making and planning processes. This is performed, among others, with the...

How to operate and use building services during the COVID-19 crisis

We are living very strange times which demand us to stay indoors even more than usual (80% > 95% > 100%) and for some of us a great deal more (50% > 95% > 100%). This experience is enabling a more salient observation of our...
This webinar will took place on the 28th April, 12.00 to 13.30.  Watch it now.

Need a hand with finding the right green solutions for your city?

The European project URBAN GreenUP has released a digital tool to help cities identify the best Nature-Based Solutions to tackle environmental problems and become more resilient to climate change   Cities worldwide are having a massive...

Putting EU Green Deal in Action

Putting EU Green Deal in Action: Upscaling sustainable home renovation with innovative financing tools Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of Europeans are spending nearly 100% of their time indoors. It is time to take a closer look...
This webinar took place on the 21st of April, from 12.00 to 13.30.  Watch it now.

How to make good use of the outputs of the EPB assessments

Webinar 3 – EPB regulations: how to make good use of the outputs of the EPB assessments (12h00 – 13h30 – 16 April 2020) Optimizing Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) regulations is a very challenging task. All the more so when the...
BUILD UP webinar series: Energy Performance of Buildings standards (EN/ISO) supporting the implementation of EPBD This webinar took place on the 16th April, 12.00 to 13.30. 

CRAVEzero pinboard - how to build an effective low life cycle cost nearly zero energy building. The Life Cycle Cost Calculator

The H2020 project CRAVEzero aims to increase the viability of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings through solutions and tools for supporting the cost reduction during the whole life cycle of the buildings.   In particular, one of the backbones of...

iBRoad webinar 2020/04/23 – How can EU Member States implement iBRoad?

The webinar aims at providing a summary of the essential aspects that should be taken into account when replicating iBRoad across Europe. Deliberate efforts are required to scale up the concept into a widely accepted instrument, to benefit...

Tool Info Energia

Info Energia is a service for all the customers of an energy supplying cooperatives or companies. It is a personalised energy awareness service. It provides information to consumers through two channels:   Monthly report with benchmarking...

Teeschools e-learning platform on energy efficiency

This tool consists of a platform developed within Interreg Mediterranean and its main activities include pilot activities, on-line tool, open lessons, conferences, trainings, e-platform. Dissemination activities, such as press articles,...

Build Up Webinars – Join us!

Every month, Build Up works to offer informative webinars on cutting-edge topics to bring international experts closer to the public. In line with the Topic of the month, we look for current, relevant and innovative topics for users always...

The 2050 Calculator

The purpose of the calculator is to build an energy pathway that hits the 80% CO2 emission reduction target at the top of the page. As you get closer to achieving this the arrow will move to the right.   The calculator models what is...

EPB standards overview: why, how, what!

This webinar series is organized by BUILD UP in cooperation with EPB Center’s experts under the scope of Service Contract ENER/C3/2017-437/SI2-785.185 “Support the dissemination and roll-out of the set of Energy Performance of Buildings...
Webinar series: Energy Performance of Buildings standards (EN/ISO) supporting the implementation of EPBD This webinar took place on the 19th March, 12.00 to 13.30.  Watch it now. 

BIMcert platform

BIMcert provides an easily accessible portal for training the vast middle tier of construction industry supply chain professionals of all profiles. The framework and materials supporting the portal is aimed at improving workers’ BIM,...

DGNB platform

The DGNB assesses buildings and urban districts which demonstrate an outstanding commitment to meeting sustainability objectives. The sustainability concept of the DGNB System is broadly based and goes beyond the well-known three-pillar...

Holistic and reliable European Voluntary Certification Scheme to trigger deep renovation of non-residential buildings

Following the very successful ALDREN event organised in the European Parliament on 22nd January 2020, this webinar provides an overview about the holistic, reliable, transparent European Voluntary Certification Scheme (EVCS) developed...
Date: 3 March 2020, 12.00 – 13.30 CET Venue: BuildUp platform.  Watch the webinar. Follow ALDREN project: Web, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn / Sign-up here to ALDREN’s e-newsletter