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Dutch stimulus for sustainable office buildings

Energy efficiency improvement of Dutch rental housing by tax provisions

New Joint Ministerial Decisions signed in Greece regarding the installation of photovoltaic systems in households

Newest statistics on economic value of European solar thermal industry

Solar thermal creates economic benefits on two different levels: it reduces the costs associated with burning imported fossil fuels or using electricity for heating and cooling. And it creates jobs and economic wealth in the production,...

Green construction code initiative by the International Code Council

Entitled “IGCC: Safe and Sustainable By the Book,” the initiative is committed to develop a model code focused on new and existing commercial buildings. It will focus on building design and performance. The Code Council’s development...

Summer comfort and air conditioning in Europe: Actual trends and perspectives

The main objectives of ASIEPI WP7 are to create or increase awareness of the MS around available alternative techniques and technologies that improve thermal comfort without increasing the energy consumption and how to assess the energy...

German minister for buildings presents plus energy exhibition house

The used energy efficiency technologies include new insulation materials, high efficient windows and phase change material as well as efficient energy supply technologies like a micro combined heat and power unit, fuel cells, heat pump and...

Scottish schools test innovative energy-consumption monitors

Great Britain increases funding for energy efficiency improvements in dwellings to 3.5 billion pounds

BSI publishes new standard for efficient management of energy usage

BS EN 16001 was developed for energy and facility managers, environment officers and managers, energy engineers, energy consultants, finance directors, policy developers and managers, architects and surveyors, energy assessors, CEOs and...

New study on the energy saving potentials in EU Member States, Candidate Countries and EEA Countries

The project and the central part of the evaluation of energy efficiency and energy savings potentials at the demand side is based on the bottom-up MURE simulation tool. The tool is structured into the following modules: residential sector...

EU Commission adopts template for National Renewable Energy Action Plans

EU Commission presents working document on the assessment of the 27 National Energy Efficiency Action Plans

NEEAPS are intended to stimulate the translation of energy savings objectives into concrete measures and actions at the level of each Member State, create dialogue between the Commission and Member States and set implementation milestones...

LEED version 3 includes operational energy performance

In addition, the green building rating system is being tied to the emergent smart grid, and it will likely increase demand for building energy monitoring systems.

USA Administration unveils new lighting rules and releases US$ 346 mio. for energy efficient buildings

Intelligent Energy Europe - New project brochures available

First newsletter of Covenant of Mayors available

The Covenant of Mayors Office is pleased to inform you that the first issue of the Covenant of Mayors newsletter is available. More than 500 cities, representing over 80 million citizens, are now part of the initiative...

Deadline for the energy certification of German non-residential buildings and public buildings is approaching

German Federal Cabinet adopts a sustainability decree for the renewable energy ordinance

Conversion of heating unit to renewable energy can be cost-efficient