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2050 Vision for 100% Renewable Heating and Cooling in Europe published

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The European Technology and innovation Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling  has prepared a draft of the strategic document ‘Vision to 2050: the vision for renewable heating and cooling in Europe’. What is the ‘2050 Vision for 100% Renewable Heating and Cooling in Europe’? This Vision is intended to provide a clear prospect for the heating and cooling (HC) sector by 2050.


It helps to understand the potential of the various renewable heating and cooling technologies and it shows, through a multidisciplinary approach, the way to follow to achieve a carbon-free HC sector by 2050. Both technical and non-technical issues are discussed, along with the presentation of relevant best cases. The 2050 Vision will be presented at the 100% Renewable Heating and Cooling for a Sustainable Future Conference (...)


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