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2nd Skin: a solution to “simplify and scale up” renovations

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In Vlaardingen, Netherlands, a unique deep retrofit pilot project is taking place: the 2nd Skin project.


But what is 2nd Skin? Onno de Wal, Director of BIK bouw, answers that question. What is the principle behind 2nd Skin? Onno de Wal: The name is pretty self-explanatory. We add a second skin to a building’s envelope. This additional envelope is a smart solution to solve the energy efficiency issues of aging buildings. 2nd Skin is very flexible as it is based on the Sto Therm Classic technology. By using this product, we are flexible when it comes to dimensions, insultation value and aesthetic finish. It also opens great possibilities for the architects to imagine new shapes to design. Last but not least, Sto Therm Classic is light, which allows us to add very few weight on the existing (...)



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