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5th generation district heating and cooling: a new platform to help you start your own project

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Low-temperature district heating and cooling are setting the way towards decarbonising our cities. To this aim, 5GDHC by delivering low-temperature heat and cold to connected homes in a circular way, is a promising way to decarbonize our cities.


GreenFlex, with the help of all D2Grids project partners, is launching a platform to inform project developers, industries and investors who wish to uptake this heating and cooling technology and inspire new 5GDHC projects.


The aim of the D2grids project is to accelerate the roll-out of 5th generation DHC by industrialising the system, through the definition of generic technology model and standards, and by boosting its commercialization potential.


Five pilot sites, in Bochum, Brunssum, Glasgow, Nottingham, and Paris-Saclay are currently demonstrating (...)


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