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Activities of Power House Europe Platform led to formation of the support group for apartment associations in the Parliament of Estonia

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On April 27, 2011, the 6th Baltic Housing Conference “Energy Saving in the Residential Sector – Country Experiences” took place in Tallinn and brought together housing experts from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. The Conference takes place every other year with the purpose of introducing recent developments in housing in three Baltic countries and sharing the housing experience of other countries.

 In this year´s conference, the Estonian Union of Cooperative Housing Associations called for cooperation between the public sector and apartment associations on the achievement of energy saving purposes through supportive legislation, financial assistance methods and stable partnerships. Delegates gathered at the Baltic Housing Conference and addressed their communication as the final document of the conference to the Estonian Parliament, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and to the Ministry of Justice. This communication expressed the wish to organize a support group for apartment associations in the Parliament and guarantee an effective financing scheme for the apartment associations.  It was also said that the associations´ wish for ensured legislation which would clearly support the work that the apartment associations have done thus far, and by doing this, would create a supportive frame for the future development of the apartment associations.  As a result, the support group for apartment associations was formed in the Parliament of Estonia.  Today, 17 members of Parliament belong to this group and have declared as their aim to support apartment associations with their problems.   70% of the population of Estonia lives in apartment buildings and there are more than 9700 apartment associations in Estonia today.