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Aerem, positive energy factory, France - Green Solutions Awards 2019 winner

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The Aerem Factory is the two-time winner of the Low Carbon Prize of the Green Solutions Awards, both in France and internationally.


A factory does not necessarily mean a giant carbon footprint, whether in the construction or operating phase. This is proven by this 3,800 m2 positive energy factory. Heating and cooling are generated by a geothermal heat pump. Electricity is obtained through a photovoltaic generator and waste recovery.


The carbon footprint during the construction phase has been reduced by using locally produced straw-filled wooden walls less than 30 km away.


The buildings are also completely dismountable and designed to be extended. The design approach is also innovative. AEREM being a SCOP (Cooperative and Participatory Society), the ecodesign of the project was done in collaboration (...)


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