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Applications invited for 15th Regional Summer School to focus on energy and climate planning

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Ethno Village Čardaci @Balkan Green Energy News

Ethno Village Čardaci @Balkan Green Energy News

The 15th Regional Summer School on Energy and Climate Planning will be held in the Ethno Village Čardaci in the Vitez municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina from August 18 to 24. The summer school is organized by the Regional Education and Information Centre (REIC), in cooperation with the GIZ Open Regional Fund for South-East Europe – Energy Efficiency (ORF-EE).


REIC (Regional Education and Information Centre for sustainable development in south-east Europe) in collaboration with GIZ(deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) is delighted to invite you on the xv regional summer school “energy and climate planning”.


The 7-day education program will be held in ethno village čardaci (municipality Vitez), the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The summer school will be thematically dedicated to five key dimensions of the National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPS) of the energy union for the period 2021-2030:

  1. Energy security,
  2. Internal energy market,
  3. Energy efficiency,
  4. Decarbonisation, and
  5. Research, innovation and competitiveness.

Students will be led though a way of thinking from global to local. In this sense students will be able to understand key global concepts in terms of low emission development and which tools on local level should be developed.


Please, find more information about the Summer School here