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BEEM-UP project realises a 75% reduction in heat energy demand of social housing through cost-effective refurbishment

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BEEM-UP project publication

The BEEM-UP (Building Energy Efficiency for Massive Market Uptake) project has successfully reduced the heating energy demand of included buildings by more than 75%, both exceeding key targets and clearly demonstrating the economic, social and technological feasibility of retrofitting in this sector.

Informed by a thorough market analysis, Bax & Willems is currently leading the development of a strategy for larger-scale rollout of the BEEM-UP model. In addition, we have now published the methodology and preliminary results from the project in a new brochure, available below to download or read online.

Currently in its 35th month, the BEEM-UP project will eventually refurbish a total of 339 dwellings in the Netherlands, France and Sweden. Ultimately, the project aims to fully demonstrate and assess the value of retrofitting energy demand–reduction technology in social and public housing across Europe.

Preliminary results from an analysis of the project to date show that some of its most successful technology packages differ radically from those currently employed in the sector. In fact, the optimal packages for energy demand reduction were found to combine information technology with innovative methods of insulation, heating and power generation. The IT systems, when combined with other quality assurance processes, provided the additional benefit of detecting anomalies early in the construction process thus helping to avoid potentially costly errors.

In keeping with the guiding principles of open innovation, multiple stakeholders have been consulted at every stage of the BEEM-UP process. The result of such an approach is that the entire operation has thus far been conducted much more efficiently than would otherwise have been possible.

The project’s collaborative approach, however, extended much further than consultation between partner organisations. Including the tenants themselves in discussions, for example, was found to significantly reduce construction and installation costs. Moreover, their contributions to the project resulted in finished buildings that were far better adapted to their own needs.

For further information about the BEEM-UP project, please email Piotr Zietara or call +34 93 476 04 44.