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[Book] Circular Economy : From Waste Reduction to Value Creation

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Due to the challenges of climate change, the collapse of biodiversity and an increase in inequality, it has become necessary for us to change our habits and to embrace what some might call a “Copernican revolution”.


This collaborative book argues that the best facilitator of this, through reworking the affected systems, is the circular economy.


Circular Economy - Volume 3 From Waste Reduction to Value Creation Coordinated by Faten Ben Bouheni - Edited by Karen Delchet-Cochet Description


The circular economy has been the subject of many debates, but all too often it is reduced to the topic of waste management, or it is considered in a piecemeal fashion, without the acknowledgement of its effects as a whole.


As such, this book aims to shed light on certain arguments by repositioning resources (...)


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