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BUILD UP Webinar Recordings | Building Renovation Passports

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BUILD UP Webinar Recordings | Building Renovation Passports

Building Renovation Passports – Customised roadmaps towards deep renovation and better homes


Thursday 2 February 2017


Despite the proven economic and technical feasibility of building renovation and the societal and environmental benefits it could bring, renovation rates in Europe are still low and considerably below the required level. To improve the energy performance of their buildings, owners and investors face multiple barriers. Together with difficulty to access finance, one of the most often quoted barriers is the lack of knowledge about what to do, where to start, and which measures to implement in which order.


To overcome these barriers, certain governments are implementing Building Renovation Passports to support building owners with personalised instructions on their renovation options.


With the launch of the Clean Energy Package and the Energy Performance Certificates still lacking targeted recommendations for renovation, Building Renovation Passports could be one of the solutions to drive the renovation of the European building stock by providing tailor-made and understandable information to building owners and investors.


Agenda Slides Video
Introduction on the Building Renovation Passport | Maarten De Groote, BPIE - Buildings Performance Institute Europe PDF Youtube
The Flemish Experience | Tine Vande Casteele, VEA - Flemish Energy Agency PDF Youtube
Questions & Answers   Youtube
Individual Renovation Roadmaps | Martin Pehnt, ifeu - Institute for Energy and Environmental Research PDF Youtube
Driving Renovation | Peter Foldbjeg, VELUX Group PDF Youtube
Questions & Answers   Youtube

Webinar Organisers: BUILD UP and BPIE



HOW TO VIEW: Each presentation or Q&A session in the agenda is a separate video within an integrated playlist. You may watch the whole webinar from start to end, skip videos by clicking on >|, or click on PLAYLIST and jump straight to the video you want.


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