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Buildings efficiency ‘absolutely central’ to 2030 climate package

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Unlocking the energy saving potential of the continent’s ageing building stock will be “absolutely central” to a key review of EU policy this summer, the EU’s top energy efficiency official has said.

But Paul Hodson, the head of the EU’s energy efficiency unit, flagged "micro" public action, dampening hopes of major policy advances in the review which will stock-take progress towards meeting 2020 energy saving goals and mull 2030 objectives.

The paper will now be published in July, during the EU’s summer vacation period.  

Speaking at the Brussels launch of an International Energy Agency buildings efficiency roadmap, Hodson said that calibrating the “optimum combination” of technologies would be key to the review.

Speaking at the same Brussels IEA conference, Oliver Rapf, the executive director of the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) said that it was a mistake to consider efficiency improvement in the construction sector only from a profit and loss perspective.

“There is a myth that energy efficiency impacts are only valuable if they pay back in cost savings,” he said. “This is the wrong approach as Europe’s building stock is in utter need of deep renovation.”