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Business models for cost and Energy Efficient construction works with special incidence of retrofitting: NewBee project

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The increasing cost of traditional energy sources and the availability of new emerging building technologies in lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, insulation, energy monitoring as well as integrated renewable energy technologies and management of the buildings are expected to increase the global market for low carbon solutions.

However, together with technological development, new financial, organizational and social innovation, enablers are required to leverage the transformation towards more sustainable building and cities. In particular, the introduction of new performance based business models can significantly step up the adoption of new energy efficient solutions through the creation of cooperative and collaborative business networks.

The NewBEE project is aimed to develop the NewBEE system which enable SMEs to generate New performance based Business models for cost and Energy Efficient construction works with special incidence of retrofitting. The NewBEE system is composed of NewBEE methodology and an ICT platform, including a set of ICT tools.

This novel service oriented framework allows retrofitting SME’s, ESCO’s, building owners, local administrations or financial institutions to evaluate the performance of buildings which consider their whole life cycle rather than only the early stages such as design and construction.

For more information please visit the NewBEE website.