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Canada's economic action plan: Investing in clean energy projects

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Through the Government of Canada's Economic Action Plan, an investment in renewable energy projects was announced today, which shall create jobs, improve the environment and stimulate the economy. Canada's minister of natural resources announced support for 19 projects under the Clean Energy Fund. Funding of up to $146 million will support the demonstration of renewable and clean energy across the country, including integrated community energy solutions, smart grid technology, and renewable applications with solar, wind, tidal and geothermal energy.
The Clean Energy Fund is investing nearly $1 billion in technology development and demonstration. Total investments under the Clean Energy Fund for large and small demonstration projects are benefiting Canada's economy by leveraging nearly $3.5 billion in further investments by industry and other levels of government.
Part of the Government of Canada's Economic Action Plan, the Clean Energy Fund is generating new economic activity in the short term, while strengthening the foundation for sustainable prosperity in the future. The Economic Action Plan includes new measures totalling almost $2.4 billion to support a cleaner and more sustainable environment and help meet Canada's climate change objectives.