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Canadian province Manitoba publishes its Climate and Green Plan

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On Friday, Manitoba’s Government published its proposed Climate and Green Plan outlining its 2018-2022 strategy to fight climate change, including a contentious carbon pricing policy at $25 per tonne. Premier Brian Pallister said: "Our vision is to make Manitoba the cleanest, greenest and most climate-resilient province in Canada”. "We are charting that course with a comprehensive plan based on Manitoba needs and focused on Manitoba priorities”. The plan has set out 4 main pillars as its integrated focus, i.e. Climate, Jobs, Water and Nature with each focal area comprising four principal tools of execution.                                                           

The plan includes measures such as the phase-out of Manitoba’s last coal-fired plant, the replacement of 100 diesel fuelled buses with electric ones and the retrofit of heavy-duty diesel trucks through a rebate program. Agriculture would contribute to carbon sequestration efforts, and carbon offset trading systems would be established in Manitoba and other provinces. (...)


You can read the full Climate and Green Plan here

Original source: Climate Action Programme



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