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Certified passivhaus school built with biosourced materials

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The theme of the 2019 UP STRAW YEARBOOK is ’the straw experience to learn in’. It aims to inform and inspire you about the application of straw as a building material in schools and educational buildings. The article we highlight today comes from France.


This is an article written by Fabienne Pasquier (CNC PFeuillette), in collaboration with Corentin Desmichelle (Atelier Desmichelle) about Victor Schoelcher nursery school.


This nursery school, opened in 2016, has 5 classes and an after-school facility. The use of natural, passive and biosourced materials was proposed by the architects during the competition stage. The emphasis throughout design and construction has been on the use of natural materials and techniques by building a wooden frame, straw insulation and a green roof. These choices (...)


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