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After many months of hard work between all the 10 partners, CHESS SETUP H2020 funded project is coming to an end with an overall success.


CHESS SETUP was born with the idea to respond to the increasing heating and domestic hot water demand in the building sector considering that, in Europe, most of the thermal energy is produced from fossil fuels (66%) and only 13% comes from renewable energy (European Commission, Heating and Cooling Facts and Figure, 2018). 


The project has designed a solution relying on an innovative and optimal combination of:


  • Hybrid solar panels generating heat to be stored and used for domestic hot water and/or heating in addition to electricity that can be used by the building’s systems and appliances.
  • A seasonal thermal energy storage to store the thermal energy produced by the hybrid solar panels, especially in summer. 
  • A heat pump, to provide domestic hot water and/or heating from the hot water tank to the building at high efficiencies. 

The 3 project pilots (sports centre in Spain, office building in Spain and dwellings in United Kingdom) have proved the positive effects and the economically feasibility of CHESS SETUP system. 


CHESS SETUP key exploitation results represent an important achievement into the European energetic transition and a commitment towards a sustainable development: a self-consumption system driving towards the European NZEB objectives, energy independence, a higher productivity of the grids and a low-carbon society. Therefore, different partners of the project have settled a roadmap in order to escalate the system after the finalisation of the H2020 EU funded project. 


On September 18, 2020, the Online Final Conference of the project will be held from 11:00 to 13:00 h (CET). If you are interested to learn more about this system, the transferability potential and its advantages for the built environment. Consult the program and register here.


You are very welcome to join us and have your say during the planned debate with potential interested stakeholders and the experts! 


Finally, we have published the final Brochure of CHESS SETUP, summarizing the project, the system and its results to the stakeholders. Have a look and download it here.