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COST Connect – The Green Deal

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Photo by COST | European Cooperation in Science and Technology

Photo by COST | European Cooperation in Science and Technology

On Thursday 02 July, an online COST Connect session on the Green Deal was held. The event joined together COST Actions with expertise from the European Commission to discuss the future needs of EU research under Horizon Europe in order to make the Green Deal a success.


Due to the diversity of COST Actions present, a wide variety of topics were discussed during event breakout sessions, including circular cities, air quality, ecosystems, woodlands, etc. A key finding of these discussions was the importance of collaboration in tackling climate change, particularly through implementing a multi and interdisciplinary approach. Discussions also focused on potential stakeholders for initiatives, most notably policymakers, city governments and industry, however the difficulties of integrating industry was noted as a barrier.  Participants also noted the gradual change in research calls to wider topics, the need for sensible and equitable distribution of funds and the appreciation of being able to network with COST Actions.


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