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Creating National Renovation Strategies: 17 April, Brussels

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Policy makers and building experts from around Europe will be meeting in Brussels on 17 April 2013 to share their views on how to create an investment grade policy framework for energy efficient building renovation.

Scaling-up deep energy efficient building renovation across Europe’s building stock is the key objective of the long-term national renovation strategies that must be published by April 2014 under Article 4 of the new Energy Efficiency Directive.

Overcoming the many barriers to this market is a long-term project, and will require: (i) strong policy-making partnerships to form between governments, industry and construction experts and other stakeholders; and (ii) an active and open inter-state dialogue on experiences and emerging best practice.

The principal aim of this event is to ensure the start of a crucial inter-state and industry-wide conversation that needs to span from the compilation of the initial strategies through their triennial revision. 

This is an event organised by the World Green Building Council (Europe Regional Network) in association with the Irish presidency of the Council of the EU.

For more details, please click here to go to the World Green Building Council´s website.