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CUBE2020: why participate? Testimony of RATP Cubists

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After having reduced their energy consumption by 12% between 2004 and 2015, the RATP renewed its engagement to reduce energy consumption by obtaining the ISO 50001 certification in 2017, setting a new objective of -20% between 2015-2025.


With 9 sites currently competing in CUBE 2020, competing has become part of their new Energy Performance Action Plan / Strategy. Grégory Rohart, Sustainable Development Project Manager / Real Estate Energy Representative at RATP Real Estate and Théophile Caron, Ecodesign Project Manager at RATP Group, talk about their participation in this competition to reduce a building's energy consumption. 


The 9 sites included in the competition include a wide variety of buildings for the RATP Group, including tertiary buildings (like their logistical platform), bus stations (...)


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