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[D2Grids] The 5 principles of 5th generation district heating and cooling

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In Europe, heating and cooling represent 50% of the total energy consumption for buildings and the industry.


5th generation district heating and cooling (5GDHC), a highly optimised, low-temperature grid, is a promising solution to decarbonise our building stock.


The D2Grids project aims at accelerating the roll-out of 5GDHC grids in Europe, through an industrialisation of the system, the creation of solid business plans, and the development of 5 pilot sites. 


The D2Grids project team has recently reached an important deliverable, which is the definition of the generic technology model of 5GDHC.


To ensure a flexible and resilient energy network to meet current and future needs, a 5th generation heating and cooling system (5GDHC) is established on the following five principles.


This article will (...)


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