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[D2GRIDS] Discover 5 pilots implementing 5th generation heating and cooling networks

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While heating and cooling are responsible for half of Europe's total energy consumption, 5th generation heating and cooling networks are the solution to help us move towards decarbonised cities. D2GRIDS, a project funded by Interreg NWE, is shaping the future of supplying our urban networks with geothermal energy and network flexibility.


Discover the 5 pilot sites that since April 2019 are working to implement this innovative and low-temperature DHC system. Brunssum - pilot of the island strategy  Mijnwater B.V. was founded by the municipality of Heerlen as a continuation of a successful experiment to see if abandoned coal mines could be used as a geothermal source for district heating and cooling systems.


This resulted in Mijnwater becoming a prime example of 5th generation DHC. The 5GDHC (...)


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