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D2Grids Newsletter #1

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We are today at an important moment in the way we design our districts and cities. Optimising our energy consumption and developing new renewable energy sources has become a key challenge in Europe. One of the most promising solutions requires the decentralisation of our energy production. This is where the D2Grids project comes in. The objective of the D2Grids project is to deploy 5th generation heating and cooling networks, known as 5GDHC. This technology is already implemented on the Mijnwater network in Heerlen. The project partners will use this first experience to develop the concept and test new solutions at 5 pilot sites in France, Germany, Netherlands, and the UK. The 5GDHC network, in order to be deployed, requires the adaptation of related technologies to industrialise this system. It is also necessary to develop a business model and new forms of contractualisation, adapted to decentralised energy production.


In this issue:

  • Interview: Mijnwater: From flooded coal mine to circular district heating. Mijnwater is the lead partner of the D2Grids project. Partners will adopt this approach on their district heating network to roll out 5th generation district heating and cooling (5GDHC) accross North-West Europe
  • News from the partners: Inauguration of the heating and cooling network of Paris-Saclay: the French demonstrator of D2Grids. Designated as a pilot site of the D2Grids project, Paris-Saclay will encourage the development of 5GDHC. Demonstrators of thermal systems and advanced demand management will be tested on the Paris-Saclay network to optimise its production and the energy consumption of buildings. An IOT (Internet of things) infrastructure will use artificial intelligence to learn about the energy behaviour of buildings and their users.
  • 5GDHC explained: (1) Expert talk: From fossil to green heat; (2)How heat networks do yield more CO2 reduction.
  • Business: Decarbonising Europe: time to turn up the heat! There are encouraging signs that the decarbonisation of heat is about to accelerate, says Olivier Delpon de Vaux, from Asper Investment Management, a partner in the D2Grids project.
  • Technology: D2Grids: A challenge to integrate the new business model. 5th generation district heating and cooling are showing up with the promise of new services. Blockchain technology seems to be an interesting solution to facilitate their implementation. Blockchain could help manage the decentralisation of actors and facilitate the implementation of new tariff models.
  • Events: The Municipality of Heerlen, host of the Energy Cities annual conference in April 2020.


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