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Deep Retrofit Training Programmes by Fit-to-NZEB Ready to Enter the Vocational Education and Training Practice in Europe

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The new training programmes on deep energy retrofit developed by the Horizon 2020 project Fit-to-NZEB are uploaded and ready for use by any interested training institution.


This is the major outcome of the first year of the promising EU-financed project demonstration ambition to change the landscape in the vocational training and educational system as related to energy efficiency in the building sector in 7 focus countries – Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Italy and Romania, and even beyond.


Setting as its goal to produce unique educational programmes contributing to both the quality and the scale of the deep energy building renovations, the project has produced all necessary requisites for the introduction of educational content on deep energy retrofit in the curricula at all levels of the vocational training and education system - universities, professional high schools and colleges, vocational training centers. Currently, there are a number of programmes available with commonly defined learning outcomes, which, due to their module-based design, can be easily modified and adapted to the requirements of each training institution and fitted into existing training plans.


More specifically, the new programmes are addressing design-oriented university courses at EQF levels 6-7, professional high schools and colleges offering qualification in the areas of construction, architecture, mechanical and electrical engineering at EQF levels 3-5, and vocational training and education centers offering upskilling for construction workers and specialists at EQF levels 3-4. The programmes are adapted to the current market needs, providing options and materials for on-site training, validation of skills and knowledge acquired at the workplace, and short informational programmes building awareness of the nZEB-suitable products and technologies applied in deep energy retrofit projects. Each of the programmes selects from a “basket” of 17 specific topics elaborated in detail by the project team, varying from basic principles of building physics, design approaches and instruments, financing of renovation projects and reaching as far as suggesting different methods for stakeholders’ engagement.


In parallel, modern infrastructure for practical training has been developed in each of the partner countries according to publicly available Terms of Reference. The new facilities build on the heritage of the Train-to-NZEB project (, but enlarge its scope through adding new countries to the network of Building Knowledge Hubs and producing specific demonstration models dedicated to deep energy retrofit and building scale-integrated RES.


The next steps are the pilot training courses, some of which have already started with considerable interests from the students. Based on the feedback from the pilots, the already produced materials will be reviewed and disseminated to all potential users within the national VET systems.


For more information about the project, the new programmes and the pilot courses on offer, visit our website and follow our Facebook ( and Twitter ( accounts.