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Denmark now has a Knowledge Centre for Energy Savings in Buildings

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The Danish government has a clear goal: By 2025, the country’s energy consumption should be reduced by 25 percent while the share of renewable energy sources should be increased from 19 to 30 percent. What have the Danes done to meet these targets? - One of the actions has been to establish a national Knowledge Centre for Energy Savings in Buildings serving the building professionals.

Know-how, qualifications and motivation

The Knowledge Centre opened in 2009 and gathers expertise and best practices in the field of energy savings, primarily for the benefit of tradesmen, contractors, counsellors and advisors. Now these professionals have free access to information, facts and advice about how to choose the right material, technical solutions and constructions methods for achieving energy savings. The Knowledge Centre for Energy Savings in Buildings strives to provide the building professionals with the necessary know-how, qualifications and motivation to implement energy saving initiatives in housing and commercial development and in the building stock.

The existing building stock offers an enormous potential for achieving energy savings: More than 40 percent of the entire Danish energy spending is used in buildings. The gains in this area will be a key factor in supporting the governmental goal.

Telephone hotline

The main tasks of the new Knowledge Centre are divided into three key areas: knowledge, solutions and communication. The building professionals should become increasingly better at offering owners and developers safe, easy and cost-efficient energy saving solutions. Furthermore, the end-user demands high quality at the lowest possible price to get a return-on-investment within a time frame of a few years.

Recently, a telephone hotline for the building professionals has been successfully set up. They call the Knowledge Centre to get immediate, practical, hands-on answers to questions about how to implement energy saving solutions like insulation or energy efficient windows.

State-of-the-art tools and solutions

With the aim of actually reaching the target of substantial energy reductions in Denmark it is necessary to prime the operators of the building industry so that they will rise to the challenge. The new Centre systematises the comprehensive knowledge about how to successfully implement energy saving solutions and makes it easily accessible. The Knowledge Centre for Energy Savings in Buildings will keep collecting, summarising and processing all available knowledge in this field to turn the Centre into the place where the building professionals look for state-of–the art tools and solutions for saving energy in buildings.