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DGNB cooperates in Spain: Green Building Council España becomes new partner

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The German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and the Green Building Council España (GBCe) have agreed on a comprehensive partnership.

As part of the DGNB Sustainability Day on 25 June 2019 in Stuttgart and on 11 July in Madrid, both organisations signed a corresponding cooperation agreement. In the course of the cooperation, among other things, the DGNB certification system for sustainable buildings is being adapted for the Spanish market.

It is also planned to link up with the VERDE system developed by the GBCe. In the future, the Council will act as a certification body for DGNB-certified projects in Spain. The overall objective of the partnership is to establish a common European understanding of the requirements of sustainable construction.


In a first step, the DGNB criteria for new buildings will be adapted to local peculiarities in Spain and tested in a pilot phase.


This adaptation should be completed by mid-2020. Other forms of certification of the DGNB, for example in the field of renovation, for buildings in use or for urban districts, will be available in Spain in the future as well.


This is also the case for the application of DGNB's framework for carbon-neutral buildings and sites which is currently being evaluated.


GBCe will undertake the conformity assessment of the submitted documents for all projects that are seeking a DGNB certification in Spain.


Here, GBCe benefits from the extensive expertise in dealing with the local system VERDE. GBCe aims to introduce the double certification on the Spanish market.


Any project that receives a DGNB certificate in Platinum, Gold or Silver in Spain will thereby also automatically receive a VERDE certification.


The partnership also focuses on the topic of knowledge transfer. For example, the GBCe will be the first point of contact for the DGNB in Spain in the field of continuing education and training for experts in sustainable construction.


In the fall of 2019, there will be a first joint training session, giving industry experts in Spain the opportunity to qualify as DGNB consultants or auditors.


After Austria, Switzerland and Denmark, Spain is the fourth European market in which the DGNB has its own system partner who actively manages the DGNB certification on site.


This will also increase the network of European organisations, which in the same way bear the measurable requirements of sustainable construction in the respective local markets.


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