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EC progress report shows that EU is on track to meeting 20% renewable energy target

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Presented on 16 June 2015, the European Commission's Renewable Energy Progress Report reveals that EU countries are well on the way to meeting the EU's target for 20% renewable energy in the overall energy supply by 2020. The report shows that, apart from this target, the EU is also on track to meet the challenging 10% target for renewable energy use in transport.


According to the report, 25 Member States (MS) are expected to meet their 2013/2014 renewable energy national targets. Since the interim targets will become more ambitious over the coming years, some MS may need to intensify their efforts to keep on track. including the possible use of cooperation mechanisms with other MS.



The renewable energy Directive is working


The report shows that the renewable energy Directive is working: the deployment of renewable energy resulted in


  • around 326 Mt of gross avoided CO₂ emissions in 2012 and 388 Mt in 2013;
  • a reduction in the EU demand of fossil fuels of 116 Mtoe in 2013.



Moreover, for the EU’s security of energy supply:


  • the renewable energy substitution of natural gas made up 30% of all avoided fossil fuel use in 2013;
  • almost half of the MS reduced their gross inland consumption of natural gas by at least 7%.



Furthermore, the report highlights the fact that renewable energy is becoming a widely accepted, mainstream energy source, with the 2020 targets being a key driver for European-led global investment in renewables and supportive energy policies far beyond Europe’s borders.



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