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EeB - CA²: Call for experts

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The Energy efficient Buildings Cluster Activities Coordination Action (EeB - CA²) has recently launched a call for experts. The aim of this call is to set up a group of high-level experts from outside the Energy efficient Buildings Public Private Partnership (EeB PPP) EC-funded projects, in order to support the following EeB - CA² activities:


  • Analysis of the impact of EeB-PPP projects results and of each technology Working Group.
  • Writing of synthesis based on the impact analysis for the Annual EeB Project Review to be published in December 2015.
  • Validation of the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) and the market potential of the identified technologies developed within EeB PPP projects. In this perspective, the technology providers will confront their vision of their technology with the one of the experts.
  • Some experts will also be asked to lead training activities for the technology providers, to help them improving their skills in terms of technology transfer.



The commitment of the experts will finish at the end of the EeB - CA² project, which is foreseen for 30 January 2017. Interested candidates are invited to submit the following information by email to before 11 September 2015 at 18:00 (Brussels local time).





EeB - CA² is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) which aims at providing the right set of instruments, supporting technology-clustering and geo-clustering upon the whole set of EeB PPP EC-funded projects. Its primary ambition consists in enhancing and rationalising coordinated and broader dissemination, technology transfer and future exploitation activities of clustered projects, so as to help them better promoting and marketing their achievements and deliverables.



For further information, please visit the relevant EeB - CA² website: