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#EEDay2019 - Energy Efficiency Day

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Along with promoting energy efficiency’s ability to help us all save energy and money, this year’s Energy Efficiency Day is also highlighting how energy efficiency can cut carbon pollution and help everyone to breathe easier.


By participating in #EEDay2019, we are taking steps to make small changes that add up to lasting comfort and convenience.


How does energy efficiency lead to cleaner air? When we prevent energy waste, we also avoid the need to generate as much power produced from fossil fuels — as well as the climate-warming pollution that accompanies it.


If we’re using less energy, we also can stretch the electricity produced from emissions-free, renewable resources like wind and solar further to keep our homes and businesses running.


You can sign on as a supporter now for free. (You’ll receive email updates with great tips on how to save energy–and money).


You can urge your workplace to sign on too. And you can ask elected your officials to issue a proclamation that officially recognizes October 2nd as Energy Efficiency Day.


These proclamations–which can be promoted by governmental agencies–will bring even more attention to the benefits of efficiency and spur more people to make easy energy-saving changes in their lives.


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