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Energy Efficiency Watch webinars on EU energy efficiency policy

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The 2016 Clean Energy for all Europeans package of the EU Commission has reinforced the position of energy efficiency policies in the EU’s political agenda. One of the three key objectives of these proposals is to “put energy efficiency first” in the EU’s energy and climate legislations. European policymakers consider energy efficiency to be crucial in reaching the EU’s long-term energy and climate targets.


It is in this defining period that the Energy Efficiency Watch (EEW) project launches a series of webinars, in order to assess the state of play of EU energy efficiency policies in the ongoing legislative process of the EU Clean energy package.


More specifically, in the upcoming series of webinars, energy efficiency experts, high-level policymakers from EU institutions and experienced networks of local and regional authorities will come together to discuss the energy efficiency proposals of the Clean energy package and assess how key findings of the EEW project can contribute to drive forward energy efficiency policies in the EU’s political agenda. In these interactive webinars, participants will be able to engage with renowned speakers through dedicated Q&A sessions and provide new ideas to accelerate the implementation of energy efficiency policies across the EU.



Agenda of webinars


Webinar N° 1 – 28 March


What prospects for European Energy Efficiency Policies – Findings from the Energy Efficiency Watch


Webinar N° 2 – specific focus:


Presentation of the EEW3 Policy Recommendations – by Daniel Becker, Ecofys Presentation of the Smart Finance for Smart Buildings Initiative  - by Sylvain Robert, DG ENERGY (TBC)


Webinar N° 3 – specific focus:


Presentation of the EEW3 Country Reports – by Stefan Thomas, Wuppertal Institute Presentation of Funding schemes for EE – by Martin Eibl, EASME (TBC)





Since 2006, the EEW projects have accompanied the development of European energy efficiency policies. EEW has facilitated the implementation of EU energy efficiency policies by collecting feedback from local and regional players (e.g. local authorities, energy agencies, R&D sector, consultants, NGOs, associations and business sector), and by screening the 28 National Energy Efficiency Action Plans (NEEAPs). The EEW projects have also provided a constant feedback loop on the implementation of European and national energy efficiency policies.



For further information, please visit the relevant EEW webpage at the link below.