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Energy performance contracting providing 35% reduction of energy consumption in 14 secondary schools in Alsace (France)

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The Regional Council of Alsace has signed on December 22, 2009 an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) for fourteen high schools in Alsace. Concluded for twenty years, from 1 January 2010, it will reduce by 35% the energy consumption of all buildings and by 65% the emissions of greenhouse gases, avoiding the emission of 90 000 tonnes of CO2 over the lifetime of the contract. In France, it is the first Energy Performance Contract for a community in the form of a partnership agreement on public facilities. € 30 million will be invested in the fourteen schools in 2010 and 2011. These works represent a sum variable from 1 to 4 M € per school and include: -Construction of six biomass boilers, -Optimization of heating and ventilation in schools, -Installation of 5 000 m² of photovoltaic panels, -Generalization and improvement of heating controls, -Insulation of buildings. More information on: