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Energy Savings Delivered: Eurofuel presents industry initiatives for concrete results

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On Tuesday 9th April, Eurofuel invited representatives from European institutions, industry and civil society organisations to a debate on the role energy providers can play in achieving Europe’s energy savings targets. Martin Reichard, the Director of Eurofuel’s Austrian member association IWO, presented a very successful boiler replacement scheme that is managed and funded by the industry. Its goal is to save 2,100 GWh by 2016, which is the equivalent of the total amount of energy produced annually by the wind sector in Austria. Of this target, 975 GWh has already been saved.
This scheme has recently been investigated, among other energy provider initiatives, in a report by the International Energy Agency (IEA), which Grayson Heffner presented at the debate.
Eva Hoos, from the European Commission’s DG Energy, informed the audience about EU legislation encouraging voluntary and mandatory provider initiatives; particularly the new Energy Efficiency Directive that is being implemented at the moment.
While the EU is now considering possible targets and actions towards 2030, Eurofuel’s President Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Küchen considered it crucial to encourage the largest possible number of citizens to perform upgrades of their heating systems. This would result in major energy savings at an affordable price. The deployment of hybrid systems and renewable electricity should also enable Europe to meet its 2020 targets and step up its ambitions for 2030.

The final agenda of the debate, presentations, the IEA report and an interview with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Küchen are all available for download on Eurofuel's new website. See you soon on !