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ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILA® - The West-Door for Your International Solar Energy Business in Romania

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The last years represented an important period for the development of solar energy in Romania. The main reason that explains the increasing of the interest of the Romanians for this domain, is given by the reduced costs and benefits obtained by using systems based on solar energy. They have a significant contribution to the energy consumption and cost reduction and to the conservation of environmental resources.

Heating and cooling of own housings, as also providing drinking water through solar energy is, for the countries of Western Europe, the most common way to benefit from these services. Although in the last years the interest of Romanians for solar energy has increased, solar installations are mainly used for multi-family houses or communal properties, this area is still in development.


With the increased interest of Romanians the interest of foreign investors has also increased. Romania is an area with high potential in terms of solar energy, with 210 days of sunshine per year and with an annual energy flow between 1,000 and 1,300 kWh/m²/year. This potential contributes to the planning and implementation of projects in this area. According to IBC Focus solar panels market records growing incomes in Romania and increases of 41% in 2011 compared to 2010, what concerns the number of importing and producing solar thermal system companies. 

In the last few years there were many photovoltaic parks built in Romania that contributed to savings and had many benefits in electricity.  Many cities in Romania are illuminated with solar lamps or are planning to use solar energy for enlightening. 2012 is also the year on which the construction of the biggest solar park in Romania is planned, in Cluj-Napoca. This will occupy an area of 190 hectares and will produce an estimated number of 12,000 MWh per year of green energy.


ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILA®, the trade fair on renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Border triangle between Romania, Hungary and Serbia - is contributing to the development of this area since 2009. This year's edition is the real evidence with 45% of exhibitors being from the solar energy area. The 4th edition of the international trade fair expects you between 25th- 27th of April 2012, to Expo Arad International with innovations from Romanian and international companies, bringing together the common interest that Romania, Hungary and Serbia have for renewable energy and energy efficiency.


An attraction for the participants at ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILA® will be also the Solar Park, a separate area in the trade fair, where over 30 exhibitors in this area will be more easily found by specialist visitors.


The second edition of the international workshop Solar Energy Experience in Romania, on 26th of April 2012 will be a good opportunity to discuss topics as: News on renewable energy support scheme in Romania; Transelectrica contribution to the issues of power integration on renewable sources at  SEN (National power System); Solar Thermal systems for energy efficient buildings and many others. Among the speakers are representatives of ANRE and Transelectrica SA. Participants will also receive information on legislative and funding opportunities to develop a photovoltaic park in Romania. Best practical examples will be offered by companies with experience such as AROS Solar Technology, Productie Energie Verde, Schneider Electric Romania, Echipot SRL or PW Motors, s.r.o. from Slovakia. 


The event is supported by the Ministry of Environment and Forests and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Romania, and has so far two major sponsors form Italian market: Aros Solar Technology and PEV.

For more information about the international trade fair and conferences ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILĂ®, you can visit the fair website