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€56 million available to renewable energy projects

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From 15th May, applications for funding under the 2018-2020 Horizon 2020 Work Programme are open for proposal submission. The total available funding is €56 million.

The topics open for applications are:

- LC-SC3-NZE-1-2018:  Advanced CO2 capture technologies (budget: €20 m)

- LC-SC3-NZE-2-2018:  Conversion of captured CO2 (budget: €12 m)

- LC-SC3-NZE-3-2018:  Strategic planning for CCUS development (budget: €3 m)

- LC-SC3-CC-1-2018-2019-2020: Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) aspects of the Clean-Energy Transition (budget: €10 m)

- LC-SC3-CC-2-2018:  Modelling in support to the transition to a Low-Carbon Energy System in Europe (budget: €5 m)

- LC-SC3-CC-5-2018: Research, innovation and educational capacities for energy transition (budget: €4 m)

- LC-SC3-CC-6-2018:  Transition in coal-intensive regions (budget: €2 m)


The deadline for submitting project proposals is 6 September 2018 at 17:00 (Brussels time). The results of the selection will be announced not later than 6 February 2019.

The focus of the above funding opportunities is to support research and innovation activities in relation to renewable energy.


Read more to know the requirements for participation and how to apply!