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Eurobarometer survey confirms public support for energy policy objectives

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Nine out of 10 Europeans agree that the EU’s energy policy priorities should be to ensure secure, clean, and affordable energy for all Europeans – the main pillars of the EU’s energy union - according to a new Eurobarometer survey published by the European Commission today.


In terms of EU energy policy, the survey shows public acknowledgement for its role in shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources to combat climate change, decreasing energy consumption across the EU and facilitating more competitive prices for consumers. In a series of a separate questions about the EU Energy Label, the survey confirms that 93% of the population recognise the label and that 79% of Europeans have been influenced by this label when purchasing an appliance – presumably leading them to buy an appliance which is more energy efficient.


In the area of climate change, the Eurobarometer shows that 93% of Europeans believe that climate change is a ‘serious problem’, and 79% see it as a ‘very serious problem’. Compared with the last Eurobarometer in 2017, climate change has overtaken international terrorism in being perceived as the second most serious problem facing the world today, after poverty, hunger and lack of drinking water.


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