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European Commission boosts circular economy amongst SMEs in Europe

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Call for expression of interest



The European Commission invites Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) support organisations, green solution providers and regional authorities in the European Union to put themselves forward if they are interested in participating in a pilot project providing them respectively with training, support and policy advice regarding resource efficiency, eco-innovation and circular economy.


With this project, the Commission aims to bring assets (e.g. knowledge, networks and tools) via the right support infrastructure, organisations and associations to SMEs, so that these enterprises can start to benefit from the advantages of the circular economy, including cost reductions, new/increased revenue streams and improved environmental performance.


The project is aimed at:


  • SME support organisations which would like to receive training on the subject of circular economy.
  • Circular solution providers (companies which offer sustainable products and/or services) which would like to expand.
  • Regional authorities which would like to receive policy advice on how to support SMEs in adopting circular solutions.

The project offers:


  • Capacity building for SME support organisations. Clich here  for more information and the application form.
  • Support to providers of circular solutions in the scale-up of their solutions. Click here for more information and the application form.
  • Policy advice from external consultants to regional authorities. Click here for more information and the application form.:


Closing date for submission: 18 September 2017. The European Commission will then select the most suitable applicants.



For further information, please visit the relevant EC and ECTP webpages at the links below.