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European Commission launches first EU-wide tool for sustainable building performance reporting

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On 28 September 2017, the European Commission launched the pilot phase of Level(s), a new voluntary EU framework for sustainable buildings which will help transform the building sector. It is the first tool of this kind that has been developed for use across the whole of Europe.


Level(s) is the result of a broad consultation with industry and the public sector, and focuses on performance indicators across areas such as greenhouse gas emissions, resource and water efficiency as well as health and comfort. It aims to establish a ‘common language’ around what sustainable building means in practice.


The test phase will run until 2019. All building projects are invited to learn more about it and pilot the new tool. The European Commission will provide technical assistance to those applying all or parts of Level(s).


Level(s) is an open source assessment framework, developed by the Commission in close collaboration with key players like Skanska, Saint-Gobain, Sustainable Building Alliance and Green Building Councils.


Two technical guidance reports have been released to support the pilot phase: Introduction to Level(s) and how it works and How to make performance assessments using Level(s).





Level(s) focuses on the main aspects of a building's performance, providing a simple entry point for those looking to build more sustainably. These aspects include: greenhouse gas emissions throughout the building’s life cycle, material life cycles which are resource efficient and circular, efficient use of water resources, healthy and comfortable spaces, adaptation and resilience to climate change, and whole building life cycle cost and value. Each indicator in Level(s) is designed to link a building’s impact with EU priorities for circular economy, and the framework effectively broadens the building agenda to deliver more of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.



For further information, please visit the relevant European Commission webpage at the link below.


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