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European Commission launches work on Energy Union

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On 4 February 2015, the European Commission launched work on the Energy Union, a fundamental step towards the completion of a single energy market and reforming how Europe produces, transports and consumes energy.


The work begun under this commission is right on time in accordance with some of the inherent energy issues of the European Union. The EU imports 55% of its energy. 90%of the housing stock in Europe is energy inefficient, the EU energy infrastracture is ageing and the internal energy makret is far from complete.


The Energy Union, with a forward-looking climate policy, is one of the key political priorities of the Juncker Commission which took office on 1 November 2014.


The primary aims of the Energy Union are:

  • diversifying of energy sources currently available to the Member States
  • helping EU countries become less dependent on energy imports
  • making the EU the world number one in renewable energy
  • leading the fight against global warming


The Energy Union has five dimensions:

  • ensuring security of supply
  • building a single internal energy market
  • raising energy efficiency
  • decarbonising national economies
  • promoting research and innovation


The Energy Union framework strategy is scheduled for adoption on 25 February 2015.


To read the full EC press release:

The press release is also available in these languages: FR DE