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European prototype tool for the evaluation of building performance

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In the framework of the IEE project BuildingEQ, guidelines for the evaluation of building performance have been developed. The guidelines describe a 4-step procedure for the cost effective performance analysis following a general top-down approach that tries to combine the outcomes of the certification process according to EPBD with continuous commissioning. A recent result of the project is a tool on European level that can support this 4-step procedure. The tool and a description are now available on the project website.
The tool includes the following features:
  • Data handling: General features for storing time series data.
  • Data visualization: “Intelligent” data visualisation on the basis of the minimal data set that reveals “operation patterns”.
  • Building specific benchmark (model based analysis): A simplified model of the building (zones + HVAC) is used for identification of faults and optimization potentials. Models in this context are based on the regulations of the CEN standard as much as reasonable.
  • Statistical analysis / simple rule based analysis: Find correlations between the variables of the minimal data set in order to identify unusual behaviour or faults in operation, respectively.
The tool itself has a modular structure. The kernel is a data storage library which stores measured data. The analysis functions and the importer are modules which can be connected to the data storage.