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Expert talk Green heat: from fossil to green heat

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Heating and cooling in our buildings and industry accounts for half of the EU’s energy consumption.


In EU households, heating and hot water alone accounts for 79% of total final energy use (9.348 PJ); for Belgian households, the share of heating and hot water amounts to in total 85% of the final energy use (290 PJ).


87% of Belgian’s space heating is still generated from fossil fuels while only 10% is generated from renewable energy, mainly from biomass[i].


In order to fulfil the EU’s climate and energy goals, the heating sector must sharply reduce its energy consumption and cut its use of fossil fuels.


The revised Renewable Energy Directive aims at mainstreaming renewable energy sources in the EU heating and cooling sector by setting an indicative target of 1.3% annual average increase in renewables (...)


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